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What is Coilover suspension?

An automotive suspension device that consists of a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it. The brands we use provide adjustable damping settings for stiffer, sportier rides or comfortable, impact obsorbing rides. Another benefit is the ability to adjust ride height.

What is Air Bag Suspension ?

Vehicle Air Bag Suspension Kits are famous for helping vehicles to acheive smooth performance, with durable air bags and intricate managment systems, allowing the air bag suspension system to glide over bumps when the traditional coil spring suspension tends to produce a rougher performance in the same conditions. Air Bar systems can also adjust vehicle ride height instantaneously, no matter where you are. The Air Bag suspension parts we provide allow our customers to track or show their vehicles.

Music ‘N Motion specializes in installation of Air Ride Suspension for lowering or leveling your truck or car. You can have a sturdy chassis and comfortable ride quality with air suspension. Level your vehicle and improve your ride and feel a vast improvement in handling.

Air Lift suspension

Air LIft allows for a low ride and stance look with the flexibility to move over speed bumps and other road conditions at the push of a button.

Watch it work

Whether you plan to drive on the track or the street air ride suspension gives you the control you want.

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air lift suspension

Air Lift and Accu Air Ride Suspension for quick lift of a lowered vehicle

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