LED & HID Bulb Headlight Replacement

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At Music ‘N Motion, we offer headlight installation in Dublin. Swap out those dull headlights!

Basics of LED Lights

What is an LED?

An LED (light-emitting diode) is a semi-conductor based light source. LED’s are next-generation solid-state lighting technology. They do not require the heating of a filament to produce light, reducing burnouts and overheating issues.

Life Expectancy

The estimated lifetime for halogen lights is about 500-1000 hours. Our LED’s are estimated at 50,000 or more hours, well beyond

halogen, and lasting the life of most vehicles.

Measuring Light Output

Lumens are a standardized measurement of visible light in a particular area. The more luminous something is, the brighter it appears.

Wattage is a measurement of the amount of electricity that a lighting device requires to produce light. LED’s consume less power, and thus run at a lower wattage, but are more luminous and energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Kelvin Color

Kelvin Temperature is not a measure of brightness, but rather a measure of color. LED’s illuminate at 5,500K (Pure White) to 6,500K (Diamond White).

While this rating does not affect the actual brightness of the light, the human eye perceives colors closer to 5,000K or 6,000K as being brighter, as they offer the whitest, most usable light.

Reasons to Switch:

  • Safety – You can see better and other cars can see you better.
  • Look Good
  • Energy Efficient

Before and After Headlight Replacement

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